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Fotbálková DVD od INSIDE FOOS PRODUCTION za poloviční ceny

5.9.07 | Jan Mareš Přečteno: 3101×

Evropský zástupce produkční firmy Inside foos production nabízí originální DVD z vrcholných fotbálkových akcí za poloviční ceny. DVD se dají objednat u Petry Koncz (e-mail níže v článku) a je možné si je nechat doručit na Czech open. Pokud si je objednáte později, budou Vám zaslány, ale bude Vám naúčtováno poštovné. V případě zájmu o více DVD najednou můžete zkusit vyjednat ještě výhodnější cenu. Více informací v angličtině níže v článku.

Dear Foosball Fanatics!!!

You consistently practice, and want to be a better tournament player, but does there still seem to be something missing from your game? What should you do?

Get to know as many styles as possible all over the world!! Learn how people play on Bonzini, Tornado, Eurosoccer…or on Garlando!!!

Learn and analyze the games of the american stars Tony Spredeman, Billy Pappas, Terry Moore, Tom Yore or Cindy Head; the talented Jamal Allalou or the hardworkingTim Ludwig of Germany; the brilliant brit Robert Atha; the italians Arthuro Carletta or Samantha Di Paolo; the world’s greatest player Frederic Collignon of Belgium…. And the list goes on…

Of course most of you have heard of these great players…but you have probably never had a chance to see them play live at a tournament! Now you can!


I am happy to announce that you can get the ORIGINAL foosball DVDs from the american company INSIDE FOOS PRODUCTIONS which will be shipping them from the USA straight from JIM STEVENS!!!

The PRICES ARE REDUCED an avarage of 50% or more!!! Jim and I would like everyone to be able to obtain the original dvd-s for acceptable prices in Eastern Europe, too!!!

We cannot reduce the prices more than we have listed them below, but we will discuss offers from people who ask ”What if … if I want to buy more dvds!!!” We dont guarantee that we would accept your proposal, but we will do our best to find a good solution!


You can order the dvds from me ( Petra Koncz - the Official Inside Foos Distributor of Eastern Europe ). Send your orders and questions to the koncz_petra@yahoo.com  e-mail address and I will answer as soon as possible!


First of all, you write an e-mail to me which DVDs you want to get.

Secondly, as you all know, I try to participate as many ITSF tournaments as possible, so you will be able to get the DVDs at tournaments where I am. My next destination will be PRAGUE on 21-23 Sept, 2007, where you can get your DVDs!!! If you don’t come, you can ask for a fellow player to get them from me to you!

And of course the other possibility is shipping but you have to pay for the shipping fee, as well. My bank account number will be given to you in e-mail.


1 dvd = 2 hours of foosball

You can find the list of dvds ( 3 pages) on the official website of the INSIDE FOOS:


Here are some dvds in CZK (not original price!!!). If you want to buy Complete Collection or Full Season Packages, we will discuss the price in mails!!!

2007 Texas State Championship

- 4 hrs                 450 CZK

you can find the Disc Listing at the following link:  http://www.insidefoos.com/node/250  

2007 U.S. Open in Atlanta

- 6 hrs                 500 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/248   

2006 ITSF World Championships Final, St. Vincent, Italy

- 6 hrs                 550 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/243   

2006 Tornado World Championships, Las Vegas

- 6 hrs                 500 CZK

- 10 hrs               660 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/237 

2006 World Cup, Hamburg, Germany

- 10 hrs               660 CZK

list:  http://www.insidefoos.com/node/196 

2007 Garlando World Chamionship, Tulln, Austria

- 8 hrs                 550 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/260?PHPSESSID=58aef37d303c80eed3fa6cb707138767 

2007 Bonzini World Championship, Eaubonne, France

- 8 hrs                 500 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/253?PHPSESSID=e129256376cd55684657828bcd6a2e28  

2006 EuroSoccer World Championship, Borgloon, Belgium

- 3 hrs                 260 CZK

list: http://www.insidefoos.com/node/215  


Petra Koncz

Member of the Inside Foos Production

Member of the Women’s Commission

International Representative of Hungary

csocsogirl@citromail.hu ; koncz_petra@yahoo.com